Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tasks For Film Studies.

Film Studies Tasks

Medium Shot This is where a camera angle is shot from a medium distance. It is not quite a long shot but it is also not a close-up.
Long Shot This shot shows am object/character in relation to its surroundings. For example in a long shot, the character is shown in proportion to its surroundings.  
Extreme long shot/ Establishing shot This is a panoramic view photographed from an extremely long distance. The term panoramic gives away the fact that due to its extreme distance, youre able to witness the landscape.
Medium Long Shot A shot that is in-between a long and medium distance. It is neither but it is definitely not close to the character.
Canted/ Dutch Tilt This is a camera shot where the camera is set at an angle so that the shot is created with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame.
Task 2

Tilt Up - The action of moving the camera angle downwards. In films this is often to represent superiority or intimidation.

Tilt Down The action of moving the camera angle downwards. In films this is often to represent weakness and inferiority.
Tracking This is the action of the camera moving on a dolly. It also refers to any shot in which the camera follows the subject within a frame. For example when a character is walking, the camera will follow it, this is tracking.
Dolly A dolly is a set of wheels with a platform which when a camera is mounted, it can create a moving shot by giving it mobility.

Crane A crane is used to lift a camera and/or its operator. This is to change the shot from a low to a high shooting position.

Handheld Sometimes when there is too much action going on in a scene, it is too quick for a stabilized camera to take in. This where the act of handheld shooting comes in, it is still stabilized, however it enables much more mobility. The camera is held by its operator which gets closer and is able to follow the action.
Aerial/ Birdseye This is a shot taken whilst overlooking the ground below. For example this could be taken from a plane, helicopter or a person at the top of a building.
Zoom This is where you get closer to or further away from an object/character. For example, when zooming in on a camera, you could go from a distance shot to a close up

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